Apr 12

Cool CUIntegrator Uses

Being a .Net / PHP guy at heart, I have always been more interested in getting into the Symitar system through non-PowerOn related means than using RepDev or PowerOn Studio to code in native Symitar script. I know it is too late for this year, but I want to throw this out to all those using the CUIntegrator product to step up and put on a seminar at next year’s conference. I’ve heard about a ton of great stuff that people are doing out there with this nifty tool but haven’t really seen any of it at all.

So who will be brave and put themselves out there? I want to see your name on that seminar list next year!


1 comment

  1. James

    I would love to help you organize, and even help arm twist those who I know are doing some cool things out there.
    Be warned ….. I know who you are and you will share 🙂

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