Apr 13

Twitter Display ReOrg

Since we are starting to have more people signup and track the conference on Twitter, I have added a new page here http://blog.symeast.org/symitar-twitters/ which is also a navigation item along the top tool bar. This page will list all of the people who have sent us their Twitter user name so their feeds are available during the conference. Of course the SymEast Twitter account will also be following them as well so you will see their posts come through on the sidebar of the blog too.

I have also added a “Friends of SymEast” link section so I can start putting links to blogs that some of you Symitar users have on the site. My only request is that they be somewhat related to Symitar and not just a personal blog since this is a Symitar users group after all. If you have a blog or resource you want listed, send them to me at jonathan.cilley@mctfcu.org.


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