Apr 14

Recap of Monday Afternoon and Night

So today went off without a hitch for the most part. For me personally I had originally had been booked in what they call a “Fantasy Suite” which should have rang alarm bells as soon as I saw the name but being the noobie conference traveler that I am, I accepted it without hesitation. Unfortunately that was a mistake, think of a room decorated in a style that is a cross between Graceland and ancient Egypt, imagine it…you know you want to.. Ok once your head is stopped hurting, you now realize I had to change rooms. No windows, mirror on the ceiling, furry pillows, no Internet access… The list goes on.

So after that the crew went out to dinner at Chumley’s where we all had a nice dinner. Most head some steak, I had tuna, but all were good none the less. What was the best part though??

It’s Sharon O’s birthday!!! So you are all supposed to go up to her at tomorrow and wish her a good one at registration!

Sharon Looking Suprised as Stan Lights Candles Sharon Trying This Whole Picture Thing 

After dinner we all went and checked out the vendor exhibition area which is huge and should be much better in terms of space to sit, eat and meet folks. Registration is also right there so there is no need to get lost in the conference center trying to get from station, to the exhibit hall and then back to registration.

That’s enough excitement for one night for me, I’ll be doing my twitter and blog thing during the day tomorrow so keep an eye for updates.



  1. Symigoddess

    You should have kept the suiteand given tours

  2. Jonathan

    You’re telling me, unfortunately my first reaction was to just try and get out as fast as possible and find another room. I learned later that the hotel basically can’t ever find anyone that will agree to stay in those rooms. Apparently they knew I didn’t know any better so they would try and pass it off on me. It almost worked.

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