Apr 15

Tuesday Recap

Training Sessions – Check!

Registration – Check!

Welcome Reception – Check!

What a Tuesday! Today we had our optional training sessions and also our registration and welcome reception in the Deleware meeting hall. Overall it was one heck of a day and dispite some early morning box drama, everything went off just as we wanted! The early morning sessions we appreciated by all who attended and we heard many positive comments about both of them. Between the SymConnect and the RepGen topics there was something for every techie in the house and provided a great warmup for the rest of the conference.

Vendors started setting up at 2 PM and while we are missing a few of them due to weather, most made it and had everything ready to go for all of the attendees. Registration started at 4 PM for the vendors, and at 6 PM for the attendees who all quickly filled the hall in preperation for what has amounted to be one of the best conference dinners ever! Thanks Blanche! At 7 PM dinner was serverd – pasta, potatoes, salad, fruit, desert – you name it we had it and obviously there was the ever popular bar!

During dinner, we met a lot of great people and caught up with friends that we haven’t seen for a year or more which is always great to do. It is always nice to finally be able to put a face to the people you talk to each day on the phone either for sales or technical support. The topic of the evening seems to still be the “interesting” 15th floor rooms which all have a very unique look to them. Some requested to stay in them, some didn’t know what they were getting into and eitherway we have pictures! We will be posting these along with others to Jonathan Cilley’s Flickr photo stream located at:


Please be sure to check this out since we cannot post this many photos to twittpic, especially at this resolution.

Now that everything has wrapped up, some have gone to the bars and others are already in bed, but we all are looking forward to another awesome day tomorrow! We will see you all there!


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