Sep 06

Virtual SEC 2009 – Was it all we hoped for?

So everyone now has had the chance to digest the content of the 2009 virtual SEC conference and think about how effective it was in terms of living up to a very accessible form of trade show. I know there were many dissatisfied folks during the conference due to the numerous technical difficulties that we all experienced, but if you put those aside for a second, did the conference live up to its goals? Obviously Symitar’s goals were to keep vendor participation and client attendance up, which it seemed to do since anyone could login and view the sessions if they were part of a Credit Union. How many of those people actually attended I don’t know though and it seemed as though it was the usual crowd of dedicated Symitar clients on the chat boards throughout the conference.

I’m curious to see what other Symitar clients and vendors thought of the conference this year? I think I would still prefer the live event even with the added cost, but it would be great if we could get a discussion going around this topic.


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