Feb 19

Belated Welcome and Thank You From SymEast 2010

We wanted to say welcome! and Thank you to all of our vendors and SymEast attendees vendors at the same time. It seemed like this year went by so fast, seemingly faster than last year.

So here are some really awesome things:

1. We had more attendees that in 2009! that is awesome! Without your participation we would not be able to hold these conferences!

2. Our vendor hall was completely sold out! this was excellent! We need our vendors to help support our group as well!

3. The venue! I think everyone loved the Beau Rivage and the facilities we had this year. We’re sorry about the smoke for those non-smokers out there. I know that the volume of smoke was more than we expected and it caused some issues for some folks.

Now we are on to the next conference, this one coming to the Baltimore area! The first one on the true East Coast in the past few years. We are looking to do a few other small things next year that will help some of the new comers to the conference get adjusted to the Symitar and SymEast community. Specifically we want to get the Symitar prospects together at the beginning of the conference and get to know them. We all love Symitar and the flexibility it gives us to do what is needed for our organizations and we want our prospects to understand how we can help them in adopting the system.

At the end of the day, we are all about process improvement and bringing this to you our attendees and vendors! On behalf of the 2010 SymEast committee, thank you for being part of the 2010 conference and we all look forward to seeing you in 2011!


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