SymEast is comprised of credit unions located in the eastern US that use the Symitar core processing system. There are other user groups around the US and you can find the latest list at Symitar.com.

Conferences – The users group’s main function is the annual SymEast conference. The committee works hard each year to produce the best conference possible. Some of the previous conferences have been in some great locations. The committee is always looking for credit unions to host the next conference.



  1. Kena Heiberger

    Super info it is actually. I’ve been seeking for this update.

  2. Deborah Bates

    We are new to Symitar and to this users group. Looking for some help in setting up a sym for just our business loan CUSO. Wondering if anyone can assist?

  3. Jonathan


    Please subscribe to SMUGIT (http://www.smugonline.org/Subscribe.aspx) and post your question. Symitar has a great community of very experienced users that can assist you with your question.

    Generally though you just need to setup a second SYM on your production box (using the CREATEINST command in SYMOP) and then begin setting up your GOODNIGHT and daily processes for your CUSO there. Don’t forget to take nightly backups just like you would in your live SYM though.


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